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UpperCrust Landscape Co. has the experience and equipment for all of your dirt work needs. We can excavate a portion of your landscape to provide for any type of landscape feature you may be considering. If your yard needs to be leveled, or if you need dirt moved or sculpted, we can do it. UpperCrust Landscape Co. can also provide any type of soil from premium grade screened top soil to fill dirts. Topsoil is the layer of dirt with most of the nutrients required for a healthy root base and plant growth. Top soil will slowly release nitrogen, phosphate and many other nutrients and organics that are essential for optimal plant growth and health. It's the only material to use to grow a lush green lawn and it will increase the color, growth and yield of flowers, fruits and vegetables. It's the only soil to use for planting new shrubs and trees. Fill dirts, on the other hand, are less expensive than top soil and are used primarily to change elevation of landscaped areas.
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