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Planting: UpperCrust Landscape Co. can help you select the appropriate shrubs, trees, and flowers for your yard and planting beds. From annuals to perennials to small and large trees, we can install the right plants to beautify your yard.
Edging: We offer many styles of lawn edging from the strongest steel to plastic to everyone’s favorite, concrete curb edging. Call and ask us which one of these edging styles would work best for your landscape.
Decorative Rock: We install many different sizes and colors of decorative rock for your planting beds. Choosing the correct size and accent color is very important to ensuring your planting beds accent the color and design of your home. The right rock style and color combined with professional spun woven weed fabric will guarantee you a beautiful weed-free planting area.
Carpentry: UpperCrust Landscape Co. has the skills and tools to complete a wide variety of flawless carpentry jobs to enhance and personalize your landscape. We have extensive experience building and installing redwood decks with built-in seating areas, stairs and landings, storage sheds, children’s play centers, and all types of fences. Why hire additional contractors when UpperCrust Landscape Co. can do it all?
Water Features: Who doesn’t like the sound of the babbling brook? UpperCrust Landscape Co. can build ponds, waterfalls, and streams to fit perfectly into your yard regardless of the size. Even small built-in basins for water gardening can help you experience the cool calming nature of a water-based eco system right in your own backyard!
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