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Photo Gallery

Welcome to the UpperCrust Landscape Company Photo Gallery!

All the pictures you see in this section are projects we have done in Rapid City and the Black Hills area.   If you need some inspiration or new ideas for your project, you're in the right place. Anything you see in the following sections can be incorporated into your dream design.  Please check back often as we frequently add new photos when projects are completed.


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Retaining Walls

Retaining walls can
turn ordinary landscaping into
amazing works of art!

If your home is built on a sloped lot, you may need to create a flat area for the kids to play or to house your barbeque area. Retaining walls can also be used to create flat garden areas on a hilly lot with steps leading to each segment. Or they can be used to separate areas of your landscape into different "rooms". There really is no limit to what outdoor spaces can be created with well planned retaining walls!
 Here are some images of the different styles and colors of retaining walls we have built in Rapid City.
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the full-size view.
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Decks, Patios & Walkways

The heart and soul of the
backyard resort is the deck or patio!

 On a nice evening, there is nothing more
gratifying than sitting outside
on your deck or patio.
In fact, many people prefer to relax on
their decks than in their living rooms!
For many of us, our decks and patios become our kitchens during the warm summer months.
 So whether you have a small space or a never-ending lot, we can install a patio
and/or deck to meet your needs.
Plantings, Edging & Decorative Rock

Liven up your lot!

Plantings add color and beauty to your lot.
A tiered flower garden and
Russian Olive or Blue Spruce trees
are just a couple of examples.
 Edging can offer clean lines
and seperation between
various landscaping elements.
Decorative rock is a good choice for
areas where you desire low maintance
as well as improved drainage and
provide an interesting constrast
to your other landscaping.
Before & After

See the results!

The popular before and after pictures
are just a few examples
of the work we have done in
the Rapid City area.
It is always satisifying to see
 ideas turn into reality!
While the thumbnails are hard to see,
clicking on a thumbnail will show large
side by side photos for good viewing.
Fountains & Ponds

 Water is life!

Water feaures bring a unique, beautiful
and asthetic element to your property.
A large fish pond, a small fountain
or a babbling brook with waterfall
are several examples to consider.
Speciality Construction

Carpentry and other projects

We can offer specialty services to assist
in completing your exterior projects.
Custom built gazebos, playsets
and grand decks are a few examples
of projects we have done.

 Form and function!
Fencing offers both utility and appeal.
Keep what is outside out,
and what's inside in -
define your property lines
and enhance security.
Popular options in fencing are
split-rail, lattice and custom designs.
Crew & Equipment

Experience counts!

With over 20 years landscaping experience
you can choose UpperCrust Landscape Co.
with confidience the job will be done
to the highest of standards.
To do the job right requires the proper tools.
And we've got them!
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