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UpperCrust Landscape Co. specializes in the design and installation of all types of retaining wall systems. These walls are carefully engineered systems that are designed to hold as much load as you may need. The most popular wall systems are made of inter-locking concrete block, natural stone, or timbers.
The secret to a great retaining wall lies in the installation of the first row of materials. UpperCrust Landscape Co. is superior in this regard as every block, stone or timber is balanced and virtually 100% level with the earth before the remaining levels are installed. This means you get a straight wall that lasts. Our walls do NOT crack, bulge or lean as some you may have seen around your neighborhood.
The cost of retaining wall systems depends on a number of factors including the material used, the size of the wall, and your current landscape.
These are the most popular materials in retaining wall construction. UpperCrust uses materials from Rockwood Concrete Products. These walls require no mortar and can be shaped to taper, turn, wrap and curve as you desire. These blocks also make excellent staircases.
Timbers are the most economical of all retaining walls to build. Even though the timbers are treated, these walls do not tend to last as long as concrete block or natural stone. But they are cheaper! If you're looking for a cost-effective retaining system, this may be the wall for you.
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